An interview is your best chance to present your capabilities, stand out from the other candidates who are competing for the same position and grab the opportunity.

Always remember that - First impressions are last impressions! So, make sure that it's a lasting one. Look confident and behave professionally, as you might be observed from the minute you step into the interview premises till you step out. Dress conservatively, be well-groomed and presentable. Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet.


  • Know your resume like the back of your hand.
  • Remember that you are representing yourself and no one but you yourself will have to prove your skills and capabilities for the position. If you lack anything, then express your willingness and capability to learn it fast.
  • Be very clear about your short and long term career goals. Make sure you are able to communicate them clearly to your interviewer.
  • Do a background check on the company and read about the company's history, products and services; go through the company website, if any.
  • Be prepared for the standard questions. Your answers should be precise and to-the-point, so that the interviewer is engaged in the conversation the entire time.
  • A sense of humor always helps.


  • Always be on time. Arrive at least ten to fifteen minutes early for the interview.
  • Make sure cell phones and pagers are turned off. Do not chew gum.
  • Address your interviewer as Sir / Ma'm and not their first names, unless specified.
  • Smile at your interviewer and always make eye contact.
  • Speak clearly. Be courteous and respectful.
  • Don't fidget. Sit up straight and avoid slouching.
  • Express interest in the position and the company. It's always seen as a positive sign by the interviewer.
  • Avoid negativity. Speak about your strong points i.e. your skills, experience and willingness to learn new things.


  • Answer questions precisely. Avoid giving monosyllable answers like "yes", "no" or "maybe".
  • It's ok to ask the interviewer to clarify / repeat a question.
  • Always speak positively about former employers and experiences.
  • Relate your previous work experience to the questions being asked to you. Narrating your accomplishments will show your abilities and experience.
  • Save questions about salary, benefits, vacation, sick leave, etc. for discussion after you have received anoffer.
  • Most importantly - Be honest. The interviewer pays attention to everything you say and takes your word for it.

Ending the interview

Thank the interviewer for his time and let him know that you will look forward to hearing from them soon. Call us to give feedback on how the interview went. We will be receiving feedback from you as well as the interviewer; therefore we will be able to discuss the same with you.

We at pathfinder are pleased to work with with Venpa for our recruitment needs,they always give 100% in supplying us with permanent staff and they are always of the highest caliber. All of the team are extremely professional in their manner and are always friendly and ready to help.
Ahmed Hussain | Director