Job Opening:  Dealer In-house Trainer (DIT)

 Dealer In-house Trainer (DIT)
Job Description

Initiate training need/gap analysis in coordination with Mercedes Benz India.
Record individual training need/gap.
Act as one point contact between Mercedes Benz and dealership on training and manpower developments.
To perform training needs analysis and identify the gaps in product knowledge, sales processes and soft skills.
To identify and evaluate external training programs (if required) for the employees and training department with prior approvals of Head of Sales & Marketing.


Facilitate e-training for all new sales staff.
Facilitate Basic Auto Technology modules and assessments as per Mercedes Benz guidelines.
Ensure implementation of On job training through training log books.
Conducting sales training on Brand & Company, product and competition knowledge, sales process and other skill enhancement modules as per the directives given by Mercedes Benz.
Conduct Role play based training.
Use the sales training material provided by Mercedes Benz through CBT’s, TtT programs etc.,
To maintain the central library for training and regularly update the inventory of the same.


To design, conduct & perform timely evaluation after the training has been delivered.


Ensuring that training provided by Mercedes Benz to the sales staff supports the aims and objectives of the dealership by monitoring the Pre Test scores and improvement percentage.

Desired Profile

Liaison with Mercedes Benz India Training Team


·         Coordination with Mercedes Benz India Training team on training needs & requirements.

·         Participate in the Induction programs conducted by Mercedes Benz Training Team.

·         To get updated information on Products and Processes in terms of Training Contents.

·         To provide inputs to Mercedes Benz training team and take specific modules to address the above needs and conduct trainings related to products, processes and soft skills whenever and wherever required.

·         Ensure implementation of C-Sales with regular coordination with Mercedes Benz India.

·         Nominate required sales staff for training for training and other timely reporting through SABA.





Training MIS


·         Timely reporting of monthly MIS of Dealer sales staff.

·         Manpower required-onboard-trained status.

·         Weekly trainings conducted report.

·         Month-wise Training Report and Attrition Report.

·         To maintain records of each training program done and the evaluations completed in a separate file.




·         Assessment to be received from Mercedes Benz India after each Training module.

·         Certification to be achieved at the end of complete curriculum of DIT.


The Individual:


a)    Graduate/Post Graduate with at least 5 years’ rich experience in handling training related to sales.

b)    Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills.

c)     Adept in training methodologies and trends in training & development.

d)    Must be a team player.

e)    Must be independent and systematic in action.

f)     Must have a customer oriented attitude.

g)    Must be sensitive to training needs of the frontline staff.

h)    Must possess good people management skills.

i)      Must be willing to learn and have good mental flexibility.



Why you should consider this role:


a)    A highly professional, quality oriented and stimulating environment with autonomy to make visible improvements, and yet also draw upon a backdrop of support and expertise from colleagues within the company and Mercedes-Benz

b)    Support a highly motivated and committed group of employees that are passionate about the products, customer satisfaction, the business and its future

c)     The Luxury Automobile market in India is a fast-growing and richly-rewarding sector to work in


 5+ yrs
Industry type
 Dealer in House Trainer
Functional Area
 Mercedes Benz
 BE/DME Mechanical
 As per norms
 e-training,Auto Technology modules, assessments as per Mercedes Benz guidelines
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