Job Opening:  Corporate Sales Manager

 Corporate Sales Manager
Job Description



a.      Capital Expenditure: Limited only by resources, group policies from time to time & budgetary provision.


b.      Personnel: Should work in conjunction with respective divisional heads like Branch Head, GM (Sales), GM (Service), Head (Parts) and also to work closely with the HR manager.


c.      Operational: Authorized to operate the Branch to meet sales & service requirements and expectations within the budgeted norms.




a.      To ensure maximum efficiency and profitability of the Branch whilst giving a high level of customer satisfaction

b.      To maximize sales potential of the assigned Branch, Maximize the bay utilization of the workshop at a level commensurate with budgetary profit requirements.


c.      To maximize Branch profitability through the sales of vehicles, accessories and other associated products like finance & insurance.


d.      To create and project and image both within the Branch and outside as a top class professional company with a total customer satisfaction as it’s main objective.


e.      To help and co-operate with the divisional heads in order to achieve the overall organizational objective.




a.      Directly responsible to: Branch Head/GM-Sales and heads of the respective divisions for functional and administrative responsibilities.


b.      Responsible for: Sales team (both functional & administrative) Team Leaders, Warehouse management, Processing management.


c.      Relationship with: Vehicle manufacturer, banks and other financial institutions (with whom the organization will have business relation from time to time), professional organizations, other motor vehicle dealers, Suppliers, automobile associations, chamber of commerce as well as all departmental heads of the organizations in order to ensure smooth function of day to day business.




      4.1 Improved Profitability:


a.      To ensure profitability targets are met on a regular basis from all the areas of operations like unit sales, accessories, finances, insurance, service & spare parts revenues.


b.      To ensure the Branch attains net profit as detailed in the business plan and annual budget.


c.      To device a mechanism in order to continually monitor the financial situation on a daily/weekly basis to ensure on target performance and suggest effective course correction to higher authority wherever and whenever necessary.


d.      To examine all accounts, operating controls and composite figures to initiate improvement.


e.      To ensure high level of contact with the banks and other financial institutions to ensure smooth and timely cash flow


f.       To maintain and increase market penetration to meet dealership objective.


g.      To improve stock turnover ratios, reduce stock holding value and increase sales to meet branch objective.


h.      Always be on the look out for new and related business opportunities to add to the bottomline as well as enhance branch’s brand image amongst prospective buyers.


    4.2 Customer service and satisfaction:


a.      To maintain high level of customer satisfaction whilst maximizing profit.


b.      To improve the quality of customer service and retention by enhanced facilities and improved technical and soft skills resulting in lower cost of ownership and improved marketing methods.


c.      To ensure high standard of quality both in terms of hardware and software(Facilities and Human elements).


d.      To stay in constant touch with the customer relation department real time to find out any dissatisfied customer and take immediate action.


e.      To maintain a high level of relation with all corporate customers to ensure constant flow of profitable business and take care of all their problems irrespective of the source of the problem.


   4.3 Staff related matters:


a.      To establish and agree staff requirement with GM-Sales and departmental heads.


b.      To analyze the training requirement  for providing a satisfactory staff  development program.

c.      To ensure training needs are met and accurate records are kept to maximize effectiveness.


d.      To ensure all new recruits have gone through our orientation and induction program before assigned to a particular job.


e.      To operate a quarterly appraisal system to discuss individual and branch performance level with key branch personnel and ensure action is taken on results.


f.       To maintain an excellent and professional relations with all in order to achieve a very healthy working environment.


g.      To constantly motivate all staff reporting to him and maintain an environment of healthy competitiveness in order to achieve better results.


h.      To always encourage people to be innovative in order to maintain a competitive edge over others.


i.        To ensure correct reporting system and compliance.


j.        To establish KRAs for all staff members under him.



     4.4 Administration:


a.      To ensure that the Branch is operated within the law.


b.      To review from time to time all departmental activities and reporting systems.


c.      To ensure that adequate safety and security measures have been installed to meet municipal requirements.


d.      To strictly adhere to systems, procedures, credit policies, discount structure laid by the company from time to time.


      4.5 Communication:


a.      To maintain good liaison with directors and managers.


b.      To submit the day end, weekend & month end reports to the management in timely manner which should reflect the current sales/service situation vis-à-vis sales plan, shortfall if any, corrective action plan to make up the short fall, future projection, major achievements, lost opportunities etc.


c.      To ensure direct liaison with manufacturers, professional bodies, suppliers statutory representatives, corporate customers and all other contacts.


d.      To always maintain a healthy line of communication with all staff members.


e.      To maintain professional relation with the Honda co-dealers and to stay in touch with them and co-operate wherever possible.


       4.6 Marketing:


a.      To plan and oversee the execution of local area promotional activities in both sales and service. To agree plan with respective divisional head.


b.      To instigate research into customer satisfaction and requirements for improvement


c.      To device strate

Desired Profile



a.      University Graduate preferably with a postgraduate degree or diploma in Business Management.


b.      Exposure in sales preferably in retail sales in consumer durables or automobiles (Some experience in direct sales will be an advantage)


c.      Exposure in handling sales team with a large number of front line sales people reporting to him through junior supervisory and managerial staff.


d.      Exposure to control administratively medium to large size automobile workshops & spare parts management.


e.      Working knowledge of branch accounting, general administration & branch HR related matters.


f.       Skills, experience & knowledge of modern business methods and controls.

 5yrs - 8yrs
Industry type
 Corporate Sales Manager
Functional Area
 retail sales , handling sales team , branch accounting, general administration & branch HR related matters
 Graduate with MBA
 Not a constraint for the right candidate
 Retail sales, Automobile sales, spare parts management, Warehouse management
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