Job Opening:  Global HR Head

 Global HR Head
Job Description

As a member of the senior management team in the organization, is responsible for overall HR Operations : Employee Relations, Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits
Responsible for overall HR satisfaction
Interacts with BU Heads in scoping out HR needs, progress reporting and track satisfaction.
Develop, implement and maintain - policies, procedures/ processes and for the organization - towards achieving BU goals/ corporate goals
Track the development of the unit HR activities on a regular basis and report to the senior management appropriately.
Involved in developing strategies to improve employee delight & retention index & reduce iteration.
Vision and Strategic Thought Leadership
Consistently takes a broad scale, long term view of challenges and opportunities and develops plans to respond to them.
Understands the organization's strengths, weaknesses, services as compared to industry and competitors.
Contributes to the development of priorities and strategies to meet organizational goals.
Analyzes organizational goals and strategies and aligns own work accordingly.
People Leadership and Development
Ability to attract, build and retain teams
Sets clear objectives for staff and motivates them to excel
Provides specific performance feedback, both positive and corrective. Deals firmly and promptly with performance problems
Supports and contributes to people development. Mentors and coaches people and ensure his team gets coached and mentored.
Recognizes and rewards people for their achievements
Execution and Results Orientation
Develops clearly defined, measurable and challenging but achievable goals for the team.

Desired Profile

Sets up procedures to ensure high quality of work from team.
Builds a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and getting work done within the team.
Develops and uses systems to organize and keep track of information or work progress.
Sets priorities and takes calculated risks in order to improve the delivery of services and operations.
Customer Orientation and Impact
Presents a cheerful, positive manner with customers.
Clearly sets customer expectations and works with the customer to solve their problem while protecting business interests.
Talks to customers (internal or external) to find out what they want and how satisfied they are with what they are getting.
Identifies trends, anticipates and develops plans to meet future needs of existing and potential clients.
Ensures teams provide service beyond client’s expectations by seeking information about the real, underlying needs of the client, providing insights and recommending actions to address these needs.
Business Savvy
Benchmarks the unit/operation with best in class competitors and metrics
Understands financial measurements, metrics and able to apply these to their job function to be cost effective.
Has a high external awareness of industry/domain and can apply the knowledge in sales pursuits.
Ensures teams grow existing accounts by actively listening to customers.
Participates in presales pursuits and contributes to creation of new service offerings and collateral.
Relationship Building and Influence
Builds relationships with clients, stakeholders, staff and colleagues by following through on commitments, respecting confidentially and demonstrating an interest in their work related issues and activities.
Involves others in a process or decision to ensure their support.
Manages difficult and complex interpersonal relationships effectively. Approaches issues or disagreements with the objective of reaching win/win solutions.
Actively seeks out and acts on opportunities to partner with peers, to champion initiatives in support of the organizational agenda and goals.
Demonstrates diplomacy in relationships.
Will need to travel globally to understand and support business.
Should be from IT services Background

 20+ yrs
Industry type
 Global HR Head
Functional Area
 Vice President
 HR Operations : Employee Relations, Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits
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