What do you know about our manpower consultancy in chennai

Will it is possible for all to get the right and suitable Job opportunity today ?

If we arise the above question among the young people, the result will be more than 7 percentage of people were in the condition of unemployment as per the analysis on Oct, 2016.

As there is a increase in the percentage of graduate rate in India, Unemployment situation has emerged as a result for certain people who are willing to work but fail in finding the right job to earn success in their career.

Here, Venpa Staffing Services has emerged as a manpower consultancy in chennai to provide the right job opportunity for the Job Seekers by selecting the industry that are matching the candidate profile.

  • Venpa Staffing Services is a manpower consultancy in chennai which is having a team of professionals.
  • As we were in the focus to provide the service with our best Manpower Consultancy in Chennai at all the angle through our professionals having many years of experience in the HR Industry.
  • In the screening processes, we will take our own time to find and choose the right candidate for the Job Position.
  • We ensure that our client can be able to access the expert professionals in the concern field.

How do we provide the Staffing Service through Manpower Agency in Chennai?

  • Our ManPower Consultancy Chennai will be the right place for the talent Manpower resource. We will understand the requirements of our employees or Job Seekers and we will work equally for their Success and Growth.
  • We provide way for an Open Discussion for the Candidates to progress through our practice of interactive meeting and seminar.
  • Venpa Staffing will be the right place for the candidate to express their ability and they can able to learn more tactics of attending the interview.

Vision of our ManPower agency in chennai

Our vision is to nurture and to appreciate the responsiveness and passion to work sincerely for the commitments made with our client, Since this is not only our business but it is our core value. We deliver the result with more faithfulness to our clients.

Vision of our ManPower agency in chennai

We are rated as the No.1 one among the top 10 manpower consultancy in chennai, since we identify the right candidate during the selection process and provide them the right job. Through our process we offer you the right candidate for your perfect job position.

Our panel of experts will conduct the interview process for both the professional and technical categories, under our professional executives supervision.

Vision of our ManPower agency in chennai
  • Permanent Staffing - We support Permanent staffing with great importance.
  • Contract Staffing - Staffing module with the contractual basis so as to hire the staffing. The company that are under the riskless staffing module can choose this contractual staffing plan.
  • Walk-in - We conduct direct interview for the candidates in order to handle the crowd, and we help in selecting the right candidate for your position
  • Turn Key Assignments - We manage the entire needs of our client in the recruitment process. We will provide the best strategies in sourcing to be work competitive closely with the hiring manager.
  • Onsite Recruitment We Match the Candidates both for the temporary and permanent positions, for the onsite project works.
  • Job Fair - Our professional will connect the talented people with the respective companies, since the leading global employers were asking us to present the talented candidates. So we conduct the Job Fair in universities and colleges to do the needful for our client companies.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Taking the recruitment activities of our client either in part time or in full time.
What do we have with our Placement Consultants in Chennai?

We have both skilled and unskilled manpower with the strong database of the candidates. We used to update it more frequently in order to ensure the delivery within the period of time.

We the best ManPower Consultancy in Chennai promises you to meet the requirement of our clients with some constructive approach and specialized methods. As our professionals were having the linkage with the client all over the word, they can be able to understand the aspect related to the industry or business, We ensure in giving the right candidate for right job.

Contact us for your Man power need - 1800 270 9393, or chat us to get perfect manpower resources for you Organization

We at pathfinder are pleased to work with with Venpa for our recruitment needs,they always give 100% in supplying us with permanent staff and they are always of the highest caliber. All of the team are extremely professional in their manner and are always friendly and ready to help.
Ahmed Hussain | Director