Become a Partner of our Recruitment Franchise in Chennai

Do you want to earn an unlimited income from the HR industry?

Would you like to be your boss as a part of recession or proven business?

Do you want to Grow in your business within the proven and ready-made structure?

“We Venpa Staffing is providing the excellent Franchise Opportunities in Chennai with low investment for your Business, so as to make you to start the Recruitment Franchise. Join as a part of Franchise Business Partner with our Network”

1. You can be able to set up the HR recruitment Business on your own becoming a precious partner of our Venpa Staffing Services.

2. You can avoid the headaches with starting a business from scratch and you can be able to save your deal of time.

3. After finishing the start-up training with our Recruitment Franchise will make you to start flying with your own Franchise Recruitment Services.

How you will Enjoy with our Franchise Recruitment Services

  • Our team of professionals is working with a focus of giving the best "Franchise Recruitment Services" in the HR industry
  • Centralized Database Accessing.
  • Centralized CRM is used to drive the process.
  • The process is fully automated.
  • Our Client Base is very Strong and Reliable.
  • We have Dedicated Managers as a partner in our Business.
  • We will take care of the Issue's and the Relationship with our Client.
  • Our Business process and Successful Ready-made systems are proven.
  • The set-up and operating cost will be very low.
  • We will help you in increasing your business potential through our Regular meeting, so as to iron out any kind of problem in your business.
How do we support you with our help ?

We show you the method of how to win the clients, we will help you in making you to understand your HR more deeply, will update and make you to stay up-to-date with legislation and we will help you to develop your skills and knowledge.

How your experience and your own skills helps in becoming as our placement agency franchise

We are looking for the following skills and experience from your side to become our placement agency franchise:

  • Looking for the people who were determined to succeed and should be commercially aware.
  • We will consider those who were building the good relationship as well as the ability of using the initiatives of their own and seeking for new opportunities.
  • Those who were having their track record to be proven in the management of professional HR and should be very confident and motivated to succeed with the "can do attitude". We will select each and every partner for our Franchise Recruitment Services with more carefulness, so as to protect our brand reputation.
  • We will meet your needs through assigning the territories.

Benefits of Joining with our Partner as a placement agency franchise

There is a lot of benefits for joining as placement agency franchise with us. They are:

Your Business is as per your LifeStyle:

Give you the recruitment franchise opportunities to create your own work balance by choosing your own work, from where, when and for whom you want. Thus you can live with your work lifestyle.

Your Business is as per your LifeStyle:

Give you the recruitment franchise opportunities to create your own work balance by choosing your own work, from where, when and for whom you want. Thus you can live with your work lifestyle.

Choosing the Franchisees more carefully:

We will choose the keen people to the franchise recruitment services for our Venpa Staffing, which will make you to be a part of good quality and first-class, standard and supportive network.

Fair Billing Model:

Built your business can be around the clients retained with whom you should perform monthly invoice, should give a predictable cash flow with a constant.

Territories of Exclusive Marketing:

You can start your new business sales without bothering about the other franchise holders that are in competing marketing.

Brand Name:

Through the track records of our Management team and our respected brand, we will help you in opening many doors and you can win more competitors of your business.

Dedicated Manager:

Your Manager should be very dedicated, since he will act as the blueprint for the success, he will provide the systems, tips and procedure. So that it is possible to run the successful business. This enables you to get more time for finding and serving the clients.

Ongoing Franchise Support:

When you are need with any of our support, we will help you with guidance, by helping most of your business. we will be available to help you through telephone, video conference, email and Online chat.

Our Ongoing Training:

We will make you to stay to be at the forefront of HR legislation by providing you all our ongoing training that are required to make you successful in your business.

Eligibility Criteria for Joining with Our Franchise Recruitment Services

The person who wants to join in Recruitment Franchise in Chennai should have the following Eligibility Criteria:

  • The person who wants to join with our Hr and recruitment Franchise Chennai should be an Expert in the HR field
  • Should be very great in communication
  • Should be Passion on Client Service
  • Should be a self motivated person
  • Should have commercial awareness
  • Previous Business experience and skills in Job Consultancy Services Franchise is the added advantage to join with us
Beneficial Services under our Contract Staffing Companies in Chennai

By choosing with our Staffing Services Companies in Chennai you will be assist with the benefit along with both Client and candidates. For clients along with our beneficial services includes,

  • Simple Contact
  • Minimizing Work Stress
  • Implementing with Minimum Wages
  • Manpower Availability
  • Easy Access with Details
  • Helping Clients to focus along Core

To get more details about Recruitment Franchise in Chennai and Franchise Recruitment call us - 1800 270 9393 or chat with the concern person directly.

We at pathfinder are pleased to work with with Venpa for our recruitment needs,they always give 100% in supplying us with permanent staff and they are always of the highest caliber. All of the team are extremely professional in their manner and are always friendly and ready to help.
Ahmed Hussain | Director