1Resume Writing


Looking for a job? It's important that you understand how to offer yourself in the best possible way to an employer. To do so, you need a professionally written CV. Reach out to us to create winning résumé that recruiters shortlist automatically!


Even if you're a fresh grad or simply someone who wants to find a new job, a skilled resume writer is exactly what you need to proverbially slip your foot into your employer's door before he closes it altogether. With that in mind, a resume service is adept at summarizing your strength and weaknesses, education, and work experience in a page or two and ties it all together in accordance to the needs of your potential employer. Don't make the mistake of assuming that resume writing as a mere proofreading, encoding, or word processing service; it's a lot more than that.


Your resume doesn't only list down your achievements, education, and experience; in many ways, it's used to as an advertisement to sell your capabilities to your targeted company. As such, your resume should be aesthetically pleasing and effectively written in order to catch the attention of the HR department and present you in the best possible light. Reach out to us to create winning résumé that recruiters shortlist automatically!


2Career counselling


Career counseling is professional advice from career counselors to analyze the options and opportunities available to exercise. It would help one exploring the potential basis skill-set. We believe there are four key stages to a good career development programme:

  • Understand yourself – Your personality, strengths and weaknesses, skill set
  • Understand career objectives by matching your abilities to an appropriate career
  • Developing a strategy that helps you modify your present work/following new career path
  • Providing necessary insight and skills to stand the best chance of achieving your career objectives What can we do for you?

If you are a fresher or a person with work experience, we are committed to guide you through your career path. We can help irrespective of the years of experience you have.


3Interview Training / Coaching


Today's interviews are tougher than ever with employers drawing more rigorous techniques to ensure they choose the best talent from the pool. On an average, it takes only 20 seconds for someone to assess when you meet them for the first time. Next 10 minutes are used to confirm the image and the decision the interviewer has made about you.In case you are able to create a favorable impression you can win the job.

One thing we can assure you that if you have been called in for an interview—you already have the qualifications to get the position or else you wouldn't be there. That means Recruiter wants to determine whether or not you are the right "fit" for the position and company. Interview managers are trained to ask specialized set of questions to dig down and determine if you are truly a "fit" for the position or not.

So how can you prepare for these Interview forums and enter the Interview process with confidence? All the Professionals need to ask themselves


  1. Do you freeze up or Don't know how to answer Interview questions?
  2. Are you getting the interviews but NOT getting the jobs?
  3. Do you feel nervous during interviews?
  4. Do you feel you are the right fitment for the role but can't articulate to the Recruiters?
If the answer to any of the question above is YES, we can HELP you!

VENPA provide customized Job Interview training which would help you master the core skills required to ace the interview and be presented with an offer.

Our Programme includes:
  • Interview Planning /Dress Code
  • Mastering Body language
  • Impression Management
  • Frequently asked Job-Interview Questions/answering them
  • Handling a Panel interview
  • Closing with Impact
  • Follow up Strategies
  • Mock sessions

4Assessment Services


Assessment Services are a key element of our suite of productivity enhancement solutions. As India's largest temp staffing company, our extensive experience in providing the right candidates for our clients has substantially equipped us to offer to you, our expertise in this space.

We realize that accessing and hiring quality talent is becoming increasingly challenging.While talent exists in large numbers the toughest task for recruitment professionals lies in understanding the availability of dynamic talent pool and choosing the candidates that best fit with the job-role and organization. It is imperative for companies to get it right the first time to have a healthy and productive workforcehence we offer assessments that not only are designed to enable to you to select the right resources for your requirements but also help in post hire activities like training need analysis and training effectiveness assessment.

Designed to assess skills, knowledge and aptitude, our range of services includes:
  • Competency Framework Development & Ideal Candidate Profiles
  • Pre Hire Assessments
  • Employee Competency Benchmarking
  • Custom Assessment Solutions
  • Training Effectiveness Assessments
  • Face-to-Face / Telephonic screening
Our suite of Assessments includes:
  • Employability Assessment
  • Behavioural/ Psychometric Personality Pattern Assessment
  • Technical Aptitude Test
  • Trade Knowledge Tests
  • IT Skills Assessment suite comprising of 25 IT Skill
  • Functional / Domain specific skills Assessments: Banking, Insurance, Sales, Marketing, Retail Service, Customer Service.
  • Customized Assessments

Our Assessment services can be delivered through multiple mechanisms. Assessments can also be administered on client location depending volumes and scope of services agreed.team

To set up an appointment mail us at support@venpastaffing.com or call at +91-90254-87875

"We expect a first class service, and can rely on Venpa Staffing to find us the calibre of engineers we need. Venpa Staffing have impressed with their knowledge of our company and marketplace, coupled with an unfailing commitment to quality and attention to detail."
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